Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunamis, Cake Wrecks, March Madness and Money Pits

This was the scene from our back patio about 8:30 this morning; about the time they were predicting the tsunami would hit here in San Diego.  It is hard to think that what happened in Japan could repeat itself here on this tranquil morning.  Text messages and e-mails pouring in from concerned friends filled my Blackberry, and I had no idea what was happening until I turned on the television and saw the devastation in Japan.  I am mourning this evening for all those who were lost, or who lost loved ones.
Not that I want to compartmentalize, and forget what happened's just that I'm one of those people who takes it all in and I can get swallowed up in the sadness and destruction...I got a wake up call though...feeling rather smug, and I'm thinking I'm the best cook on the planet, I went about making my famous orange cake, and took it out of the pan at the requisite 10 minutes that I timed precisely and here's the CAKE WRECK
EEEEWWWW!!!   Half of it stuck to the pan---and then I thought, hmmm,  maybe I'll cover it up with some glaze---a worse idea---now, it tastes amazing, it's just not much to look at!  Even professionals can have a bad day and this one made me laugh.  My mom always said, don't make fun of others, it's gonna come home to roost----guess what??  I'd made a few snarky comments about Sandra Lee, and I'm sure this was one of her gremlins playing with me!  I actually make cakes from scratch, Sandra finds disgusting processed ingredients to put into her foods.

BUT, I redeemed myself, this time I actually coated the pan with several layers of Bakers' Joy (which I'd been too lazy to get off the top shelf with the orange cake) and baked up a Banana Cake
Doesn't get much better than this!!  So a little redemption along with the humbling orange cake.

Which brings me to March Madness.  I am an avowed college basketball fanatic and this is my time of the year!  I love the kids, the coaches, and the games.  I grew up in Boston with a dad who had tickets to most of the sporting events there, and so I can talk trash with the best of you....My son is a sports writer, and game days/nights around here are filled with lots of loud cheering, and moaning (yes, IU, I'm talking to you!)  Selection Sunday is coming up and I'll be right there, filling out my brackets. 

Week three is closing at the Money Pit, although Pedro and the boys will be back tomorrow to grout.

The shower is ready for grouting, and as you can see the glass tile is in and it looks awesome!  On the left side of the shower is a niche where we can put shampoo, but Dr. C. was sure we would put a small flat screen in there!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, I'm planning to figure out what I can do to help out with relief efforts in Japan, I'll be back on Monday and let you know what I found.  Until then, hug the one you're with. 

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