Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's a Woman's World .... Today

Today is the International Day for Women, and this photo says it all:  We've come a long way baby!  (although 10 minutes ago I was ironing!) 
Some of us forget what it must have been like for our mothers and grandmothers, without the right to vote, control their bodies, and equal rights under the law.  As we watch the news in the Middle East, we get a glimpse of what that emerging roar must have been like for the men in their lives. 

June Cleaver, or this woman never lived at my house; she's been replaced by a newer more modern model, with a different set of rights. 

These women were just protesting long skirts!!  Thank you!!!

Who can forget these women in Iraq protesting and dying for their rights?

Around the world, women have made a difference in society since Cro-Magnon man. Nurturing, feeding, and loving their families.

Egyptian women were as strong as the men in their protests for a democratic way of life.  It wasn't about religion, it was a fight for basic human rights and dignity. 

When asked what precipitated the fall of communism, Mikhail Gorbachev replied, "the mothers in Russia who prayed." 
As you go about your day, think about the women who make/made a difference in your life and celebrate them. From your family, to the teachers who encouraged you to the soccer mom who brought the treats, differences are made in the small acts of kindness we perform everyday.   

Sacrifices made in the search for freedom, dignity,and human rights are being made all over the globe, and remembering those who are making a difference and celebrating them gives me hope that one day there will be peace on earth. 

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