Monday, March 21, 2011

Scenes From the Weekend

This weekend I flew to New York to visit our daughter Carrie and her family (which includes the fabulous Princess Poppy and Prince Eric) in their new home in Connecticut.  One week after they closed on the house, I got to be one of their first visitors, other than the mice we think are living in the crawl space, but I think they were there before they bought the house.

I really wish it were this mouse instead!

It was a beautiful weekend, mostly clear weather and Friday was in the 70's.  Walking part of the 18.5 acres was just beautiful....
Although Princess Poppy really wanted to go swimming we'll have to wait for warmer weather.  

They even have a Lord of the Rings tree! 

It was a great weekend, although I would love to have stayed longer there really is no place like home, and I was ready to get back to the money pit and Dr. C.   

My plane from White Plains was delayed 2 hours; as I sat there, local high school sports teams were getting ready to board planes bound for Florida, and 50 to 60 year old businessmen with golf on their minds would be on the same plane---the high school kids would be those men in 40 years---count on it--they were all wearing the same logo gear.  

When we finally landed in Washington, D.C. I still had time to get lunch and make my connection---airport food has to be some of the worst on the planet--if the smells don't get you, the the food will.  BUT, as I deplaned, I smelled burgers and fries and it wasn't McDonald's'.  

I rounded the corner, and was stunned to find 5-Guys, the burger joint President Obama made famous by asking for Dijon mustard (OK, give the guy a break)  

I ordered the little burger (one patty, not two)an order of fries and a drink.  It was heaven in a bag, but I have to admit, I couldn't eat all the fries and this is why.............

A huge cup full of fries, and then extras---there was no way, no matter how long the lay over was!

Got into the Red Carpet Club for a bit to see the scores from the NCAA's (my final four teams are still in it---goooooo AZTECS)then onto the plane and headed home to Dr. C. and the rain. I've got a slew of frequent flyer miles and I use them to isn't fun anymore, and being wedged into a seat with two other people that should actually accommodate 2 instead of 3 isn't my idea of a picnic, so this 5 1/2 hour flight I requested and got an upgrade.  I didn't need dinner but it was nice to have the extra room and spread out and knit, and work on my manuscript.  Jack, the purser on the flight was one of the rare flight attendants who loves what he does and this was an example of that:

Flowers and a candle in the loo! He could really teach his comrades a thing or two about service and making people feel at home. 

We landed in gusting winds last night, and it has poured rain with some hail this morning.  This is the view from the patio this morning as I was looking for a rainbow out over the ocean.  

I hope you all had a great weekend, I'll be back with some food related posts later today or tomorrow, I'm still getting back onto Pacific standard time!  Enjoy your day!

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