Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Big Reveal

  I love the home and garden TV shows, when at the end, this heck of a wreck of a place is transformed into something you couldn't even imagine.....welcome to my world today.  The quartzite and granite were installed, and the last finishing touches, new toilet in the master and fixtures in the shower...we are ready to shower!


This is my vanity and the linen cabinet--the bottom is a pull-out hamper.


Dr. C's vanity

 Love this shower!!

When I saw this quartzite, I did an exorcist head turn as we turned into the slab yard---I was in love, and it looks amazing in this room!  

The Toto toilet makes it from the garage to the loo!

Unfortunately, one of the granite pieces didn't fit the top of the drawers quite right, but the bathroom is still usable, and the granite and fixtures are beautiful.

The photo was taken before the toilet paper rolls and towel bars were installed, but it looks amazing.  
We are done for a while, I take off for the mid-west and Pennsylvania for 2 1/2 weeks of teaching on Saturday, and then return to demolish the guest bathroom Dr. C. and I have been using since we started this 5 weeks ago.  

I will be back tomorrow with some words on the Farmers' Market bag class I'm teaching in the morning at Great News---this one promises to be a LOT of fun!   Enjoy your day!

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