Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sumo Love

These were my birthday gift last year, and I love them---they are wind up toys--two sumo wrestlers.  If you have ever had the occasion to actually run into a sumo wrestler, they are enormous men, not like these two lightweights.  Dr. C. and I had the opportunity to sit near one at dinner in Tokyo one night--it was a steak place, and when the waiter brought the steak cart out to ask how much meat he wanted, what he ordered was the size of a 5 pound rib roast.  That said, the word "sumo" conjures up enormity, and when I trotted down to Specialty Produce to deliver some cookies, I asked Kellie what was new and delicious--stupid question, because it's all new and delicious.  But she said with a conspiratorial tone, "these Sumo oranges!"  They are a cross between a navel and tangerine, are seedless, and enormous and they are honey sweet!  It was all I could do to keep from eating one in the car on the ride home---it would have been worse than texting-while-driving, so I opted to wait till I got home. 
I love the slogan!

Juicy, sweet and easy peel, what could be better?  This was so big it was lunch!  Specialty has the exclusive on these, so if you are in San Diego, head on down there and pick up a box, (there are only 6 in a box--they are as big as grapefruits!)  When they run out they won't be back till 2012....so what are you waiting for???  Have a great day!

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