Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gettin' Down

I’m flying to Indianapolis today; left San Diego at 0-dark-30 (way too early to get up!) and my routine is usually to take a roll aboard onto the plane with a change of clothes and what I’ll need for an overnight should United Airlines lose my luggage---(this is a lesson learned from another trip where they lost my luggage for 5 of the 10 days I was gone) and a computer bag with all I need to keep me sane on the plane.  
 Today I brought my down coat on board with me, since it will be 25 degrees when we land in Chicago and it will be about 40 when I get to Indy. 

 Down coats are like those inflatable boats that start to inflate in a closet, and you can never  corral them--

-this thing has been on the floor, stuffed in the overhead, on a hanger only to fall off again…you get the picture…’s not easy traveling, but it’s definitely not easy when you have slippery stuffed coat to wrestle with!
I’m teaching this next week at two of my favorite places, CooksWares, in Springboro, OH and Cincinnati, OH, and at KitchenArt, in West Lafayette, IN.  Love the stores, love the staff(s), and love the students.  From there I go to another favorite place, The Kitchen Shoppe, in Carlisle, PA.  I’ll be doing a benefit cooking class for the Harrisburg Symphony orchestra—this is a great group of people, and they know how to party!

I'll be posting later on today about my Farmer's Market bag class yesterday--if you bought the FMB, I have a few great recipes to augment what we did at Great News.   I'm off to catch my connection to Indy, and then will have dinner with our son's a great day, I hope yours is too!

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