Monday, October 1, 2012

Morning in Spello

 Finally adjusting our time clocks 9 hours ahead from the West Coast, Dr. C and I arose early and headed up the hill to Il Giardino, for a cappucino and cornetto (think croissant filled with jam, pastry cream, or nutella) 

 The location is beautiful, open the doors to the garden area and you are looking over the edge of Umbria.  
Breakfast of champions!

It's a beautiful morning...we had some rain overnight and the air is crisp and clear. 

The view from the balcony

 Spello is famous for l'infiorata, a festival that occurs on the feast of Corpus Domini.  The neighborhoods form teams, and line the streets with flowers in designs both secular and religious. 
Every home/window box here has flowers, making it a very happy place to take a walk, or to linger.
Every morning and evening, the locals (and not so locals) fare una passegata; take a walk.  That plus the diet and wine, probably contribute to the Italians longevity! 
Buona Notte from Spello!

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