Monday, October 29, 2012

Field Trips

While teaching in Cincinnati, I had some time on Friday to meet two friends that I adore, and we went on a field trip to Jungle Jim's---legendary, it is like an airplane hanger filled with foods, beverages, and just about anything else.

 It was like a culinary Disneyland; I knew we were in trouble when we went by the butter counter which was 10 feet long, and about 4 feet wide, and packed with butter from around the world.

There is something so wrong with this!

This is only one side of the olive bar--be still my heart!
And more cheese, there were at least 4 walls of cheese from all over the world---Polish cheese?  Who knew?

The wine and beer, and liquor departments were incredible---but this is just a wall of Sake!
Ah, pork snout....
And whole fresh hams....
Loving the meat department!
And then there is bacon...........

Beautiful fruits and vegetables....and this is Cincinnati!

Then there is tea.........
and more tea....
You want hot sauce? They have it categorized by region and heat.......and there are aisles of it!
In all the years I've been in the food industry, I've never seen bottles this big!

The original location located north of the city, has more ambiance, according to the locals ---there is a new Jungle Jim's located nearer to downtown Cincinnati, but if I lived here I'd been at the original everyday---it's that much fun.  
Anyone with a sense of humor like this gets my business!!  Behind the doors are actual restrooms!
 The best part of my job is the people that I meet when I teach, and then getting to spend time with them when I am off.  Thanks Lana and Cossette for a day that was more fun than should be legally possible!

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