Sunday, September 30, 2012

Una Buona Notte

Midnight in Spello brings a beautiful day in Umbria to an end.  This is an American tour group who had a wine tasting here at Enoteca Properzio.  They even sang me "Happy Birthday" while I took their photos!

A full moon provided light in this tiny town perched on a hill below St. Francis' sacred Mount Subasio. 
Santa Maria Maggiore houses frescoes by Pinturicchio and Perugino. 
Enoteca Properzio

Local Obituaries

As we headed back to our apartment last night, I couldn't help but think, how much I love the pace here; my inner clock has slowed down --hardly look at my watch, have lost track of which day it is, and I am happy just to "be", rather than to "do".  A domani, buona notte.

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