Friday, October 5, 2012

Cin Cin!


Cin Cin is the toast that is used here at the Enoteca Properzio. Dr. C. and I tend to hang out at the Enoteca, and it’s been fun to meet the people who come through for wine tastings; some just stumble across it, while others have been sent by friends or other merchants. 

Wednesday night after our adventure in Tuscany, we were having dinner, and two couples arrived from Riverside, California. They ended up spending the evening, having a wine pairing, and toddling off to their apartment around 12:30 a.m. It was a lovely evening with lots of wine, and getting to know new friends. 

The next day, friends we’d met from New Jersey were here as well as our four new ones from Riverside for a lovely pranzo (lunch) I ate way too much, and drank some spectacular wines (Redigaffi and Sassicaia to name two) I was toast by the time the group left! 

Friends from San Diego arrived as the party was ending, and we stayed here with them and another couple from town till 11 p.m., drinking, eating, and laughing. The hospitality here at Enoteca Properzio is described in one word—amazing. We are blown away by the welcomes and the invitation to join in.  If you come here, you will be served wines you will not be able to buy in the US, small production, organic, and biodynamic wines are what is available. Ernest and Giulio are not here. 

Un grande Prosciutto con uno mano
Cena al Enoteca

 Friday is busy here, with groups from Australia and New Zealand as well as the United States.  Every day is new and different, and we enjoy each one as it comes.  Dr. C. has a terrible head cold, so he's gone home to get some rest, I'm still hanging out here, enjoying another gorgeous day in Umbria.  Buon Giorno from Spello!

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