Monday, October 8, 2012

Pizza, Pizza!

Eating dinner in sieme at Enoteca Properzio is such a privilege; sharing dinner with la famiglia is so special, but last night, a rainy, Sunday night with the sidewalks rolled up our friends, Dr. C. and I decided to go to our favorite pizza ristorante in all of Italy, L’Orlando Furioso at the bottom of the hill. The benefit is that you walk down the hill and then get to walk up the hill to work off the pizza and wine!  

Pizza alla Romana is the thin, crackly crust pizza that I adore; I have yet to find a California pizza place that serves anything near to authentic pizza italiana, so consequently I don’t eat pizza out in San Diego. I make it at home, but it’s never as amazing as L’Orlando’s pizza. 
Here is a sampling of what we had
sausage and porcini mushroom


Sausage and eggplant
More calzone than pizza:  sausage, prosciutto, cheese stuffed crust, mushroom, artichokes---much like the kitchen sink pizza with everything!
Nights here are very special, the sound of church bells, quiet streets, and a few lights, but mostly the feeling that comes from a lovely day spent with family and friends in a small hill town in Umbria---que bella notte!

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