Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Friends One Sip at a Time

Since we've been hanging out at the enoteca, we've met some lovely people coming through trying wines, and enjoying the hospitality that only the enoteca can provide.  It's become rather interesting to me to see the reactions of different people when Roberto offers them more wine, only to share his passion for the exquisite wines that he carries; Americans feel like he's pushing them, Brits love it, and are willing to try it all, and the Italians are always up for another glass of wine.  It's gotten me to thinking about how we view others; Americans are a suspicious lot, I've decided, and while I've been here, I've tried my darndest to encourage people to try the other wines---it's the opportunity of a lifetime to try wines you won't see anywhere else---they are exclusive---so why do we feel that someone else's hospitality obligates us?  This is difficult for me, I grew up in a household where everyone was welcome, and have tried to be that way with our friends, our kids friends, and anyone who happens to show up on the doorstep. 
I've learned a lot while we've been here, my Italian is getting better and Dr. C. and I have been meeting some very interesting people coming through.  It will be difficult to leave on Friday when we head to Rome for the last part of our trip.  Ryan arrived on Monday and spent the day with Dr. C. exploring Spello and then partaking of pizza at Orlando Furioso at the bottom of the hill. Tomorrow they will head to Florence on the train for the day and I will be working at the enoteca, Roberto describes this as my "stage "---I'm learning the wines, the flavors, and the territory, and it's all good.  As I write this the church bells at Santa Maria Maggiore are peeling madly since it is the end of May there is a huge procession going up the hill.  Hopefully I'll have photos for tomorrow, until then, buona notte from Spello. 

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