Saturday, December 22, 2018

Passion for the Vines

 Over the years, Dr. C. and I have been privileged to stay in Spello and visit with the Angelini family at Enoteca Properzio during the months that we are living in town.  Every day is a different adventure, with new wines to sample and olive oils to try as well as delicious foods to pair with the wines, whether it's a dish cooked by the Enoteca or a taste from one of the cooking classes that they offer by appointment with a Michelin starred chef.
I tell people that there are 2 reasons to visit Spello, the first being Enoteca Properzio, the #1 wine cellar in Umbria, and one of the top three in Italy, and the Pinturichio frescoes in the church next door.  (Editor's Note:  the church is closed due to seismic damage, hoping to reopen in 2020, so go next door and have a glass of wine and some truffle pasta)

Offering wine tastings from exceptional vineyards, as well as lunch and dinner, the Enoteca is filled most days with wine lovers seeking special experiences and tastings.  
Father Roberto Angelini is a 7th generation wine merchant and master sommelier; taking clients through an unforgettable wine tasting, as they sample the best that Italy has to offer.  

 Son Luca and daughter Irene are the next generation of wine merchants, as well having started a successful line of beauty products made from organic olive oil and wines.  

What sets this place apart from any other place in Italy?  The word passion comes to mind.  The Angelini family are passionate about wine, and the local products that they serve with the wines; prosciutto di Norcia, the best pecorino from Pienza, torta al testo from a local bakery, organic olive oil from an organic farm 3 miles outside the walls of Spello, locally foraged truffles from about 10 miles away and they are passionate about making sure that you have a unique experience in this gem of a town that is one of the 100 most beautiful in Italy.  
Dessert wine with biscotti

The wines they serve are unique, and most are such small productions that they are not exported to the United States, but they can be shipped home along with olive oil and other products.  

Winter white truffle

This is my Valentine to our famiglia Angelini and their staff this holiday season.  Thank you for inviting us to the table to share in your hospitality.   Buon Natale everyone!