Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hanging out in Bloomington

Dr. C and I are in Bloomington, IN with our son Ryan who graduated in 2006 from Indiana University.  Ryan lived here for 9 years, three of those in school, and the rest working remotely after graduation, and we came to know and love this little college town.
Last year we came to watch an IU basketball game and had so much fun (I am a rabid college basketball fan!) that we decided to try and make it an annual event, so we met up yesterday and had lunch today at the world famous Nick's English Hut
After having lunch in the John Mellencamp booth at Nick's,  we walked to our car and I saw this
So I have to tell you that Indiana has some of the best pork on the planet, and when I saw this pork in this smoker, I was over the moon.
Think hickory smoking and succulent pork and you get the picture.
This gentleman is the kindly pit master who didn't close the lid till I got the photos on my phone.  So if you are in Bloomington, I would say the place to get some amazing pulled pork would be Chomp's, located on Dunn between Third and Kirkwood, it's a tiny place, but I think the BBQ should be something special!