Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Summer Vacation, and the Lobster Roll Chronicles

On August 18th, Dr. C., our son Ryan, and I headed for the East Coast to celebrate our granddaughter Poppy's birthday and Ryan's birthday.  Dr. C. is newly retired, and so we are on an extended vacation.
Celebrating Ryan's birthday, we went to see
which was a great show.  We loved it.
Next up was celebrating our twin grandchildren's birthday at the beginning of September.  Sonny and Tilly were born a month prematurely (almost in an Uber car) but you would never know it, they are hale, hearty and happy.  This is a photo of them with their big sister Poppy blowing out candles
Poppy did the decorating on their cake.  We had the pleasure of babysitting the twins for 5 days while Poppy and her parents traveled to England.  We now know why you have children when you are young!
After the babysitting, and little projects around the house, we took off to meet up with friends in New Hampshire and family in Maine.  That's when my lobster roll addiction kicked in.  I love Maine lobster, and a lobster roll is a perfect amalgamation of lobster, crunchy grilled roll, and just the slightest bit of mayonnaise.
This lobster roll had a lobster salad flavored with tarragon; now it was delicious, it wasn't the quintessential lobster roll that you imagine, but the setting in Portsmouth, NH, and the food were terrific. This was eaten and enjoyed at Martingale Wharf.
We were so surprised by Portsmouth, it's a great town!

Next up was a little shopping at the Kittery Outlet malls, and then lunch the next day. 

This was true lobster salad, with mayonnaise and celery in the mix

I opted for the fried clam roll; yes, there is a roll under there
The next day it was off to Harpswell, Maine, another day another lobster roll; this time preceded by chowder

This one wins the prize so far; a bit of mayonnaise, LOTS of lobster, a perfectly grilled roll, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside

My brother opted for the 2 lobster special--all this for $20---amazing
Of course, hand cut onion rings are the perfect accompaniment

Tomorrow we'll leave Maine and head back to Connecticut for another week.  We leave for Italy on September 18th for 6 weeks---someone has to do it!  Hopefully Dr. C's cell phone will stop ringing, and he'll be able to really be retired.  I'll be blogging for real once we are there, and I hope you'll follow along.