Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going to the Dark Side

Since Dr. C and I decided to come to Italy for a month, I knew that the standard one suitcase for books and one suitcase for clothing was not going to I broke down and bought a Kindle a few months ago.  I have to be frank with you---------I LOVE the feel of a book, like an old friend, the binding, and the feel of the paper and the print on the page all speak to me. 

Yes, this could be my house....

So, I bought the Kindle, loaded a few books on it, and some Italian language books, (there aren't very many that are for beginners)  and was ready to go.  I didn't touch it for months, left it at my son's place when I was in Indiana, and wasn't that interested.

Then I had breakfast with my agent when she was in San Diego, and she said, "this is the future."  When she speaks, the room stops and you listen.  And so, I am reading books on the Kindle while I am here in Italy, and not leaving them in hotel rooms, or on buses or trains, and it's working.

I know it's not a book per se, but it does the job and I am able to read whatever I want whenever I want, which is actually quite nice; not having to head out to a book store here to find English language books is a bonus, when you just down load them to the Kindle.

We are on babysitting patrol for the next three days with our granddaughter Poppy who is 20 months old.  She loves pasta, and apples, and asparagus, and pizza, so she's enjoying her time here in Spello.   Today we had two helpings of gelato, but we did a jog up the hill after our first gelato, so that wore some of it off!
Wishing you a buona note from Spello.

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