Thursday, December 23, 2010

With Gratitude

As I went out to do errands today, to pick up non-holiday related things, I realized that everyone behind the scenes is working harder so that we can all have a happy holiday. Long lines at check out counters gave me pause to reflect on all the people needed to make sure we have a happy holiday. 

From the stock people who arrive way before everyone else, to make sure that perfect gift is on the shelf for you, to the buyers, who months before figured out what you would want to buy,

to the managers who make sure their sales people know the merchandise, the sales person that helps you on the floor, and makes sure that you buy what you need, 

to the cashier who wraps and rings your package: they all deserve thanks for working hard, so that we don't have to.  
Working late into the night on Christmas Eve, they give up precious family time.  If these people didn't give up this time, you wouldn't be able to buy that one last quart of eggnog or the candy canes for the hot cocoa.  

 So if you are out tomorrow, shopping, picking up your dry cleaning, or dealing with someone who is serving you: thank them. Two words:  Thank you.  Those that serve us deserve our gratitude, they've worked hard this year, probably earning less, even though it may keep them from their families, they are serving you.

And speaking of serving, let's remember those in the military and their families; they serve far from their homes, whether on a military base in a foreign country, in the US, or on a rocky crag in Afghanistan they deserve our thanks and our prayers for their safety.  

As you celebrate this holiday season, whatever your tradition may be, celebrate life; and pray for peace, that's what this season is all about. 

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