Monday, December 13, 2010

The Clothes Police

I have to admit, that I've never been a slave to fashion; I prefer hanging out in jeans and t-shirts, and really don't own a dress---so when it comes to going to holiday parties, I dust off the power suits and pick one to wear.  I only wear these when I'm at business meetings, or have to go to a funeral.  This year, when I've been invited to Christmas parties, I groan at the invitations that say, "festive holiday attire".  That brings to mind a Santa Suit---what is Festive Holiday attire?  I saw some last night at two parties, and whether it was the over-Botoxed second wife in an inappropriate dress, or the woman in the Christmas sweater, I'm not sure anyone really got it. So, I thought I'd share with you some of the more awful Christmas outfits I've found --- mostly having to do with Christmas sweaters.  Enjoy---I'll be back with some holiday cooking advice later, but I've got a house to decorate and elf work to do!

I'm thinking there was a lot of eggnog consumed before this photo was taken.

This has to be the "Ugly Sweater Day at the Office" Party

Absolutely no caption (or excuse) for this one!

At their age they should know better!

Way too much ugly in one place!

Just plain scary!

And if dressing humans wasn't scary enough, some people make their pets as tacky as can be!

Enjoy your day!

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