Monday, April 4, 2016

Villa Aurelia; AKA Paradiso

Dr. C. and I arrived at the American Academy  in Rome to begin the month here, and were taken across the street to the Villa Aurelia location of our greenhouse apartment.  The villa Aurelia has a long history, was built for Cardinal Girolamo Farnese around 1650 and you can read about it here.  The villa is used for events, and does house a few apartments for visitors to the American Academy.
We are in a separate building they call the greenhouse in a well outfitted 2 bedroom apartment with all the comforts of home.
That's our Apartment with the green door
Our neighbors
The gardens here are spectacular, umbrella pines, lots of Mediterranean plants and wisteria in bloom, think we'll double up on the Zyrtec.

Outdoor oven

We are on the highest hill in Rome----in the center of the photo is Piazza Venezia

Little disappointed that the fountains weren't working, but it's still winter for the Italians

If you look closely you can see a Monk Parakeet in the center of the photo here and below

Throughout the grounds there are beautiful places to stop and appreciate all of nature's beauty, including shaded benches to read good books

This is the gate to the entrance

Wisteria everywhere


There is always a dog!

The neighbors--this area has many embassies and beautiful villas

Dream car!  A 3 wheeler

I think we'll stay!
On Friday due to a few hiccups, I'll finally be meeting with the chef, and his staff in the vegetable garden at the American Academy to begin my time here.  Dr. C. and I have already met an archaeologist, paleo-botonist (who knew?) working on the Pompeii excavations, a specialist in Egyptian archaeology and the librarian here.  Who knows who we will meet tonight at dinner?  Ciao for now.

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