Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Orientation Tour at The American Academy in Rome

Today Dr. C. and I had an orientation tour of the American Academy.  This place is a jewel, buildings and the grounds are lovely, plus we are on the highest hill in the city, so the views are awesome. 

As we were walking up the stairs, I saw some of the produce that had been delivered to the Academy.  Although they have gardens here, they cannot possibly produce enough to feed the 120+ who live and work here, so they source from organic farms. 

We live over there!

The Bar, it's where everyone meets for coffee, wine, or to chat

As we walked outside, the back gardens are magnificent; just starting to bloom

lazy meandering paths, with benches, although Dr. C. says he likes our backyard at Villa Aurelia better

This is the beginning of the gardens for the kitchen---since its spring, there isn't a lot here

They told us that the building in the background at one time was a brothel, now it's a studio for musicians

This is the main inside courtyard, it's a gorgeous space, and along the walls are fragments of ancient tablets, and cornices from buildings. 
My project won't start for real until Friday, when I get to work in the garden with the staff, and perhaps have the staff meal with them, to interview their interns.  Dr. C. and I are going to the papal audience tomorrow so I'll have photos and more to tell then.  For now, Ciao from Roma. 

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