Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Day at the Beach

Italians love their beaches, but they are so governed by the date on the calendar and not the weather, that they don't go to the beach until May.  Today was a perfect day to go to Ostia, a 30 minute train ride from Rome with our friend Rick Breco.  Rick is such a great sport, and wants us to experience everything that Rome has to offer, and this was a special day.  When we left our apartment for the train station, it was about 55 degrees, by the time we left Ostia, it was probably 80 degrees, but gorgeous, with a slight breeze.  Just to show how date/weather centric the Italians are, everyone here is walking around in puffer jackets, scarves, and boots---and the temperatures are in the mid 70's---this is flip flop weather people! 

We got off the train in Ostia centro, and walked around it's tree-lined, wide streets.  That's Rick and Dr. C humoring me!

Italians are fascinated by the old west as well
Although there were people on the beach, the beach clubs aren't open for a while.  We had a reservation at La Vecchia Pineta at noon, and we were seated on the patio, ringside, as Rick described it. 

Fish doesn't come fresher, from the prawns and lobsters still wiggling, and the shiny fish that was gorgeous.
We decided on a sauteed baby squid appetizer with fried leeks and balsamic vinegar, then spaghetti alla vongole, and then John Dory grilled, with lemon and carcioffi Romani.  
 Moscardini with fried leeks and balsamico

Pasta alla vongele, on the menu it said vongele veraci, which I looked up and it translated into "honest" clam

This fish was awesome, we finished all of it between the 3 of us

Dr. C. enjoying the day

They paddle board here, too

Our guy Rick, so blessed to have you in our lives

Our 3 hour lunch was exquisite, and it was so relaxing to dine, not just rush through a meal.  We could have stayed all day and taken a nap on this beautiful terrace.  
Thank you Rick, you are THE BEST! 
Tomorrow we move into the American Academy in Rome and I'll have lots more to talk about then when I get my bearings and figure out what this next month will look like.  Ciao for now.  

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