Thursday, April 28, 2016

Afternoon with Kelly Medford

Two weeks ago, Dr. C. took a leap of faith and went on a sketching tour with Kelly Medford, a local artist here in Rome.  I'd arranged it before we came to Rome, when my friend Rick Breco (he of the birthday boy post) suggested it.  I knew with my being in the kitchen at the Academy some days that he might enjoy a way to pass the time here in Rome.  It was a hit!  He really enjoyed it, and has used his little sketch pad, and kit that was provided to do some more since he took the class.  

We asked Kelly if she'd join us for lunch, so this morning we took the bus up to her studio, got a tour and I finally got to meet her.

She not only works in water color, but also in oils, these are some of her creations.  I'm in awe of anyone who can do this, because it's not my forte at all.  (although she says you don't need any experience to do it,I prefer to differ on that score)
I loved both these photos of mentor and pupil!  Kelly is so approachable and talented, we had a fabulous time looking at her work.  We're hoping she'll come to San Diego and sketch there.  We were trying to seduce her with photos of the desert, and the ocean.....just could happen!
Kelly did some of the artwork for this guide book to Naples including the maps which she sketched---highly recommend it if you are going to Naples, it's actually a work of art.

Kelly shares the space with other artists, this one does paper mache, everywhere I looked there was another one. 

The other artist is a transfer painter (not sure what the technical name is) she paints onto plastic, then transfers to paper or canvas.  Here she's working with fish, we watched her doing the first one. 
After all the art, it was time for pranzo, and we headed across the street to Trattoria Da Cesare.
Of course, the food, the company and the conversation were so much fun. 

Eggplant meatballs

Fried gnocchi with caccio pepe sauce (on the table in heaven)

Tornarelli with meat ragu

Dr. C. with his standard Spaghetti alla vongole

Kelly had to pasta with vignarola of artichoke, fava beans, and asparagus with guianciale (amazing)

Panna cotta for dessert
Thank you Kelly for a great afternoon, I hope we'll see you in San Diego or when we return to Rome. 
I spent my last night in the Academy kitchen yesterday, working on that post for tomorrow.  Dr. C. and I have 2 more days here in Rome, then head to Spello for 2 weeks.  Although I've loved this experience, when I'm in Italy, I really am the country mouse as opposed to the city mouse.  Somehow I've lost my city-cred, and prefer the quiet life in the country.  Ciao for now.

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