Friday, May 27, 2011

You Gonna' Eat That??

The California legislature is considering labeling Genetically Engineered Salmon when the FDA approves its use nationally, but can't get enough votes to support the measure. What is wrong with politicians???---there is a straight line if I've ever heard one..... The photo above shows the difference between the GE salmon (on top) and the farmed salmon on the bottom.  There are a lot of reasons not to eat this fish, the number one reason is because it has been injected with the gene of an "ocean pout", a member of the eel family---guess what??? It's NOT  a salmon.
There are many reasons to write to the FDA and to your congressional representatives about genetically engineered foods, most of all because what you will be eating isn't really what's the very least these foods need to be labeled.  THE FASTEST WAY TO TAKE THESE "THINGS" OFF THE MARKET IS NOT TO BUY THEM.

 The danger of these GE salmon getting into the wild salmon population is already a given, and could wipe out whole species of wild salmon, not to mention the possibility of allergic reactions to the "ocean pout". 

At testimony before a California congressional committee several years ago, industry representatives said that labeling "would confuse the consumer."   Selling something that isn't really what it appears to be seems to me to be deceptive advertising, and I for one will not be eating salmon any time soon. 

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