Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bello Spello

Spello sits in the shadow of Mount Subasio, close to its more famous neighbor, Assisi.  Both have their own magic, but Assisi can be Disney-esque during the day---when touristi are everywhere.  At night, it's quiet, and you can have a table at any of the fine ristoranti. 
Spello is quiet most days....fewer touristi--this is the main street (there is ONLY one!) around 7 p.m. on a Thursday night.  Since Blogger was down yesterday, I didn't get to post, but these are a few photos from our day yesterday.  I'm still recovering from jet lag, Dr. C. seems to be just fine.....I'm still adjusting, but maybe it's the luxury of sleeping late and no workmen in our house! 

Our home away from home is Enoteca Properzio; one of the top wine bars in Italy---owned by the Angelini family our famiglia Italiana!  Rabid AC Milan fans, I'm a little bit afraid of what will happen when our son comes on the 26th and tell them he's an Inter-Milan fan!

Don't expect to find any of these wines in the states!  Come to Spello and enjoy the ambiance, and hospitality of the Angelinis and their awesome staff; Camellia, Domenica and Loretta.  They rent awesome flats in town, and include a wine tasting (which shouldn't be missed) with your stay. 

Saltimbocca alla Daniela

Yes, this is heaven on earth!

We are off to explore, I'll be back later in the weekend with more photos.  Enjoy your weekend!
On a side note, when I publish these posts, I get adverts in Italian down the side of my posts.  Not sure how they will come through in other countries!  Ciao!

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