Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reviews: Consider the Source

Remember this guy from the movie Rattatouille?  He didn't adhere to the "Thumper principle"---- Remember Thumper from the movie Bambi?

While we have been on this trip, I've had time to read reviews of different restaurants and hotels, and books on the internet.....and have decided that the power that we have to downgrade or to comment on someone elses' work gives us incredible power, and as they say, power corrupts.

As you can see in this scene, this critic whose name is Ego (how apt is that?) loved being in charge, having the power to destroy a restaurant with one bite and then the stroke of a pen, until he was reminded of being a child and having his mother cook for him. 

Where does our capacity to hurt  others come from?  Is it our desire to be better than someone else, who has spent years developing a business or a lifes' work in print or the arts, or is it just that we don't want to compliment someone on a job well done because we haven't been given the same courtesy?  I've yet to figure it out.....I've made it a point not to comment on others unless it is to encourage or to urge others to visit somewhere that I think is extraordinary.  There have been a few times when food (Charlie Trotter airline food? No thank you I'd rather eat McDonalds!!) has been so bad that I need to warn you, but other than that, I try to be Thumper in my writings.

Why bring up someone's mistakes, or their shortcomings. or have them slip on a banana peel? doesn't serve any purpose but to be mean spirited.....I guess I'm referring to Amazon reviews of books, and Trip advisor reviews.

The Trip Advisor reviews by people who travel in Europe are the ones that are especially damning, since those that write them have obviously looked at Europe as USA East, and expect everything to be the way it is back in East Oshkosh (my apologies to those in East Oshkosh)  Complaining because the restaurant won't prepare something off the menu (come on, how many times does that happen in the states??) or that the bed/bath accommodations aren't the same---IT'S EUROPE!  If you travel anywhere, it's an adventure, it's not more of the same.....there is discovery, there is adventure and there is the joy of meeting others and understanding that we are all the same, our languages are different.

So next time you take that pen in hand, remember who you are writing about, and why you are writing---

Today is hot and stuffy in Umbria and we are waiting hear if our son will be coming to join us---he's been quite ill in Indiana, and we are waiting to hear what the Doctor says this afternoon--the 6 hour time difference is a bummer when you want your news NOW!  Until next time, when I have a few recipes for you (did someone say wild asparagus canneloni?), buona sera.

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