Sunday, May 15, 2011

Awakening to Church Bells

Church bells in Italian towns mean something; they not only mark the time, they are a call home.  In my grandmother's town of Gubbio they are only rung a few times a year, and today is the Festa di Cieri the annual festival of May 15 that has taken place for 100's of years.

 When townspeople hear the bells in Gubbio, tears stream down their faces; remembering past events in their home town.  The bells are rung with men standing on them----OSHA doesn't live here! I attended the Festa one year and it's a wild and crazy time--- part mosh pit, part religious experience, and part craziness Italian style---what's not to love? Especially when you already know who's going to win the race (it's always St. Ubaldo the patron saint of Gubbio!)

When people ask me about coming to Italy, they want to know where to go and what to see....Dr. C. and I have found that the treasure of Italy is not the sights, the food, wine, or even the is the people.  From the person who greets you when you enter their shop with a buon giorno, to the gentleman sleeping on his porch in the mid-afternoon.....they all contribute to what makes Italy special.  If you are thinking of a trip, stay in an agritourismo or apartmento and become part of the family....we know nothing about hospitality compared to the Italians. 

This morning, we were greeted at the enoteca with a cappucino from Camellia.  She knows what we like, and it's on the table when we are settled.  We are home!   Buon giorno from Spello!

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