Sunday, May 22, 2011

Having an Epiphanie

So before coming to Italy, I was obsessed with taking the right day bag with me.  I wanted something that I could lug my camera in, maybe a guide book, notebook for recipes and wine selections, 2 pairs of glasses, water bottle, credit card wallet, and Euro wallet.  I wanted the bag to be light weight, but to have a shoulder strap and a place where the camera wouldn't get knocked around.  I discovered Epiphanie bags when I googled camera bags for women, and the result is the Ginger bag pictured above.   

The inside of mine is pink and it holds a ton, but doesn't seem that heavy to carry around.   With a bright interior, it's easy to find all the junk that floats to the bottom. There are lots of pockets on the outside, 1 on the inside, along with velcro dividers for each thing.  It's the perfect bag for me....actually I would have bought one of each of the styles (love the aqua and red ones!) if Dr. C. hadn't been looking!  That empty spot on the side will hold two cameras---my old Kodak and my new 3/4 DSLR.  The websites states they are saving women from the "man-bag" that I say AMEN!

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