Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Train Runs Through It

Dr. C. and I are just returning from a long weekend in Brooklyn spent celebrating special birthdays.  For accommodations, we booked an apartment through http://www.homeaway.com/ around the corner from our kids, and it was the perfect set up--enough room for us, with a kitchen,and room to spread out.  The apartment filled every need we had, except we weren't prepared for the midnight run of the subway trains BENEATH the apartment!  At first, being the Southern Californian that I've become I was sure it was an earthquake, but these rumbles were definitely on schedule, and not aftershocks!  Coming from a place, where there are no basements, and there is only the occasional rumble of an earthquake, or thunder, it was pretty disconcerting!  Like anything else, you probably get used to it.
There are lots of things to love about New York City, and here are a few of my favorites in no particular order:

Grimaldi's pizza or any NY pizza---I won't order a pizza in California, they don't know how to make a good pizza

Bagels--it's got to be the water, the cream cheese, and the attitude!

Cheesecake: no plasticized cheese here, just creamy, amazing goodness and don't pour some gloppy goo over it for no reason at all. 

Baked by Melissa:  This girl has cupcakes nailed, they are fresh, and creative, and delicious, and TINY, so you can eat a lot of them!

The food choices in New York are endless; some better than others, but if you want Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, seafood, you name it there are a zillion restaurants to choose from.  This is a city that doesn't sleep, it's noisy, and crowded, and feels like it fights you every step of the way, but those who live here wouldn't live anywhere else.  I'm happy to visit and enjoy what it has to offer, but next time STOP THE TRAIN! 

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