Monday, August 30, 2010

Field Trip!!

This morning I took a ride downtown to two of my favorite purveyors.  First stop, Specialty Produce, a culinary Disneyland for someone like me.  Cold rooms filled with fresh produce, no limp or brown lettuce, just fresh picked from the field produce.  My plan was to get a bit of inspiration from the Farmer's Market room, and then build our Take 5 this week around the fresh produce.  Here's what I found!
I didn't retouch these tomatoes -- they are this stunning!
Gorgeous Sweet Peppers
Beautiful Eggplant
Red Pears already?? Yes, indeed, watch for the salad I make with these
Eight ball zucchini---stuff these babies!
Tomatillos, just waiting to be roasted or smoked
Zucchini--I'll post a recipe for a great cake to make with these

My next stop was Little Italy and my favorite store, Mona Lisa.

 Don't forget the stickball tournament here over Labor Day Weekend.  

 Dr. C. says I could find my way here blindfolded--I think he's right!

There are lots of little stores in Little Italy, but for high quality imported Italian products none compare to Mona.  The men/women who work here are the best!  I arrived at lunch time, it was so crowded and I couldn't get any good shots of the interior, but this is what I brought home.
 Left to right:  Salami di Parma, whole milk mozzarella, Prosciutto di Parma, Italian pine nuts (don't buy the Chinese imports ---read that as Costco---they are awful!) imported Mortadella, fresh Pecorino,Mona Lisa regular sausage--second row, Caffe Calabria Italian Roast (mmm, delish) Cento San Marzano tomatoes, Italian tuna packed in olive oil and a loaf of Bread and Cie French Bread.
I've got our Take 5 ingredients somewhere in this post, and will have the recipe and photos here tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy your day!

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