Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eat, Pray and Get on With It

Patisserie, France
This week the movie "Eat, Pray Love" came out; I have to admit, I couldn't get through the book; Elizabeth Gilberts' neediness was more than I could bear--the book was all about her, no where did I find a caring thought except for herself.  After reading about 100 pages, I thought I couldn't possibly read anything this self-centered and boring--no wonder Oprah loved it. Now I know some of you thought this was a transformational book, but my feeling was that this woman needed to look into the mirror, not embark on some escape from the reality of who she is and where she came from--no matter how much you run away, that suitcase full of issues always seems to park itself right next to you--better to stay and deal with it, than run away and run in circles.  It's easy to run away, far more difficult to stay and deal.   

Truffle Pasta, Il Panaro, Gubbio, Italia

There are a lot of food memoir books out there, and most of them are filled with women searching for themselves, or another lover, or inner peace.  Neediness abounds in this genre which is unfortunate--I'd love to find a woman who could do what my hero Anthony Bourdain does in his books---he admits his faults, and revels in them---unfortunately too many women think they need to live up to the stereotype of having it all, appearing perfect and being everything that women's magazines tell them they should be. 

Formaggio, Parma, Italia

Keep in mind that books are written to sell, and Elizabeth Gilbert has done that in spades---with the publishing industry in the tank, she's been good for them, and according an article in the New York Times she now owns a store with her new husband, where she sells art and artifacts--OK, even I know when women are miserable THEY SHOP--women soothing themselves is a national sport--we ought to be soothing ourselves with serving others--volunteering at a shelter, or tutoring kids to help make them literate-making a meal for someone--working with those less fortunate than ourselves helps to give meaning and purpose to our lives.  So if you find yourself in the pit of dispair, look in the mirror, put that suitcase full of issues in your closet (better yet burn it) and go help someone else---chances are you will find who you really are, and find your purpose in the process.
Written @ 35,000 feet on UAL Flight #8 SFO-JFK   

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  1. Mama D - I think you have defined for yourself, your first "Best Seller". Do It! Write the women's "Anthony Bourdaine style book" about life. Redefine the women's Point of View". Your gender, your daughter and your grand-daughter deserve a "real" voice. go for it! xoxo j