Friday, September 28, 2018

Touring America's Test Kitchen

Anyone who watches PBS has probably viewed America's Test Kitchen, or Cook's Country.  I've subscribed to Cook's Illustrated for more years than I can count, and love what they do. No advertisements, and pure cooking science, giving you the best recipes, and the science behind them. When Dr. C. and I were traveling on the East Coast in August, I got in touch with a cousin that I've never met, who is a Senior Editor at ATK.  I invited her to lunch, and she asked if we'd like to tour ATK before lunch.  That's an offer I couldn't refuse! 
That morning, the USS Constitution was taken out and there was a mock battle--this is the view from our hotel room

ATK has just moved into beautiful spaces at the innovation hub on the waterfront.  This is a bit of what we saw.  Look at all those ovens!  My cousin Andrea was working on peanut butter cookies....she said she'd probably make 65 batches---that's testing to the nth degree!

As we toured, we came upon a group testing cocktails for a new book, and as I was looking at what they were doing, I saw my editor from Harvard Common Press, who is now working at ATK testing cocktails among other things. 😊What a nice surprise!
As we wove through the maze of rooms, we came upon some interns who were shucking corn for a black bean and corn salad to serve from their food truck.  Yes, they have a food truck.

We went through the kitchenware area, and I was thrilled to see some of my favorites there. 

Good equipment makes for easy cooking.  We headed to the library and the office areas. 

Yes, I did see a few of my books in the library!  We took a peek into the fridges and they also have a take home fridge full of test recipes to take home---Not a bad perk.

All that butter!

We toured the space when Cooks Country is now filmed; in years gone by it was filmed in Vermont.
Cook's Country set
We then went outside, and saw where the grilling is done.  Lots of grilling goes on, and if you haven't gotten their grilling book, buy it, it's awesome.  With magazines working about 4 to 6 months ahead of schedule, you have to picture this grilling area in freezing temps and snow to go into a summer issue. 

After this amazing tour, we ate at Chickadee downstairs, and got to visit a bit more.  It was a joy to finally meet Andrea and to get to know her a bit better.  While we were touring they were filming a new series directed at children called ATK kids.  I can't get the website here in Europe, but I'm definitely going to buy the books for our grandchildren who love to cook. 
If you are in Boston, and ATK is offering tours, or open houses, I highly recommend it.  Thanks to my cousin Andrea for the ultimate back stage pass. 

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