Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Goodwood Revival

At the end of our Aston Martin rental we decided to attend the Goodwood revival.  Goodwood is a huge deal here in Britain, there is a horse racing course, a car racing track and an estate.  People come from all over in their classic cars to see the spectacle that is the Goodwood revival.

Attendees dress up in period costumes; many men in RAF uniforms, and tweed jackets, women in 50's and 60's clothing, and there are hairdressers on site to give you that period look.
High Street, where everything is for sale
It's all great fun, and there are hundreds of stalls with people selling all manner of revival clothing, cars and parts, and anything that could be considered vintage.  There is even a Bonham's auction of classic cars.
A little vintage Kitsch
Dr. C. wanted to watch a few of the races, and so armed with ear plugs (these cars/motorbikes) are LOUD, we sat in the grandstands, and watched a few races.
Vintage motorcycles

 Young women were dressed up in mini-dresses, and stood on the track to mark the places where the cars should start.  I came to the conclusion that there is a reason these dresses went out of style.

After a long day, we headed back to the Coach House, and turned in early, since we needed to get the Aston Martin back to its owner.  After spending the day in Goodwood I'd recommend it as a bucket list for car enthusiasts.  Heading to Spello for 6 weeks and more adventures, this time in an Alfa Romeo Giulia.  Ciao for now.

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