Wednesday, September 12, 2018

HMS Victory and the Royal Naval Museum

With the end of our classic car trip, we headed west to Portsmouth to tour the Royal Dockyards, and see the HMS Victory, the pride of the British fleet and it’s victory at Trafalgar. 
I am always amazed at how small these ships are, having a ships’ company of over 250 men, who lived, slept and ate on board, with cannons in the middle of their sleeping quarters. 

There is an audio guide for the ship so that as you walk around the ship life on board is reenacted for you.    

Welcome aboard

Between the smells of gunpowder, waste, and sweat, in close quarters, I’m not sure I could have been a sailor on one of these ships.  

Nelson's bedroom

He's got a canon in his bedroom; I guess you have to be prepared
Rule Britannia

The kitchen

The oven/cookstove

Dr. C and I were cold and tired, so we got back into the Aston and headed to our airbnb in Westbourne.  It's a small coach house, and we loved it and our hosts.  Westbourne is a hidden gem, with great restaurants and friendly people. 

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