Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

Today we celebrate International Women's Day, even Google got into the action!  Today commemorates the achievements of economic, political and social rights of women.
Women have changed the face of our world; demonstrating for equality, human dignity, and human rights.  
 Women in the Sudan protesting inhumane treatment.
The women in Tahrir square suffered for their cause.
Women protest against sex trafficking.  

 Our great grandmothers protested so that we might vote.  
Women were given the right to vote because women took to the streets to protest inequality.

Women in Iraq (above) and Tunisia (below) are able to vote due to the sacrifice of others.  
Women organize, and serve others the world over.  

In Afghanistan, there is now a women's internet cafe in Kabul....we have come a long way baby!

Celebrate the women in your life; and celebrate freedom! 

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