Monday, March 5, 2012

Celebrating a Very Special Birthday

That's right, let's celebrate Oreos!  They've been around for100 years, so Happy Birthday Oreo cookies! Flavor experts say that nostalgia contributes to our food choices, and it doesn't get much more nostalgic than 100 years of Oreo cookies!

We all know there are lots of ways to eat Oreos, but I thought it might be fun to show you some of the newer and more inventive uses of the Oreo.

They call these Oreo balls

Dipped in Belgian chocolate, and decorated for Easter

Panda cupcakes

Looks like little cookies 'n' cream torts

More cupcakes

Wedding cake:  macaroon vs. Oreo cake--think the Oreos win with the sparklers

You can even make your own Oreo cake, with an Oreo pan

These might work for St. Patrick's Day

Oreo Trifle

Of course, there's an Oreo Shake!

But the best way to eat an Oreo is

Have a great day, and Happy Birthday Oreos!

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