Thursday, May 5, 2016

Strolling in Spello

Today Dr. C. and I took a stroll into neighborhoods we hadn’t been to before.  There are so many back alleys, and little cul de sacs here it’s easy to get lost wandering. 
Dr. C. at the bottom of our stairs
 In about 3 weeks Spello will have it’s annual festival L’infiorata, where flower petals are laid onto the street in designs by each neighborhood.  It is a festival of the feast of Corpus Domini, and it is magnificent. 

Another part of this, is that each home has flowering plants outside their doors, and hung from balconies.  The winners have lovely tile plaques on their walls to commemorate their winning for the year.  Since it’s been cold here, two weekends ago it was 30 degrees F, , with strong winds, some of the flowering plants are late, but none-the-less, each person is doing their best to outdo their neighbors.

At one time Spello (this is a little burg) had 100 churches.  One of my favorite pasttimes is to look for frescoes on the walls.  They are little surprises of joy when you find them. 
This one is right outside our front door----several years ago, I'd lived here for 2 months and never saw it

These are the ones we found today.  As usual when doing a little passegiata, as the Italians call it, we end up at Enoteca Properzio---it’s kind of like a magnet.  Today we met people from all over the US, with 2 groups were from California.

Roberto explaining the wines

Son Luca discussing the wines available. 
And, of course I found a few other things that tickled my fancy.

Tomorrow looks to be the best day of the week weatherwise, so we will try and do some more walking around, and I hope to do some more writing.  This is a very laid back life compared to Rome.  I’ll say Ciao for now. 

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