Friday, May 13, 2016

Ciao Spello

As we get ready to pack up and leave, I've been thinking how this past 7 weeks has flown by.  Our first month in Rome at the American Academy was kind of like being Cinderella at the ball, and now these two weeks in our home away from home, Spello have felt like being hugged by our family here.

The weather this past two weeks has had us inside a lot, but on the sunny days we are hanging out at the enoteca, and enjoying just being here.  That whole mindfulness thing takes on a new meaning here.  Long walks, down side streets lined with flower pots and hanging flowers, getting lost and finding ourselves at the top of the hill, realizing we've walked in a huge circle, and coming back to our apartment are all part of what we do here.

Meeting old friends, and picking up where we left off in their lives, is another sweet part of being here.
Breakfast at Il Giardino in the morning is part of living here, and we love the view from their back yard.

Since the weather hasn't cooperated, we haven't done much to help with the flower gathering for L'infiorata, but yesterday Dr. C. and I pulled rose petals for about an hour resulting in some gorgeous colors for the design on our street.

We hope that the weather will moderate, so that the citizens can gather flowers to put down on the streets in 2 weeks time.  The flower petals have to dry and the weather has yet to cooperate.
Ciao for now, Spello, grazie per l'ospitalit√†, we will see you at the end of August.  Clicking these ruby slippers together and heading to the USA. 

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