Saturday, August 2, 2014

On the Road Again

Dr. C. and I left San Diego this morning with my car loaded from front to back. 

We are headed East to NYC to give this car to our daughter who is expecting twins.  Along the way, we will be seeing family, and friends, and I'll be teaching in West Lafayette, IN a week from Monday at KitchenArt.

The scenery on this part of the trip (San Diego/Barstow/Flagstaff on I-40) is mind numbing; nothing but barren wasteland, or cactus, and the temperatures are outrageously hot.  Outside of Barstow, the traffic was slowing, and we were watching truckers, leave the highway in droves, and so we followed them.  We got onto the old Route 66---the Mother Road. 
Dr. C. has long had a romantic notion that he'd love to drive Route 66; but he thought he'd be driving in a sporty car like these two guys instead of a Mazda 5. 
Most of you are probably too young to remember this TV show.  Two guys in a corvette, driving Route 66.  Today, while we were driving on the Mother Road, Dr. C. was cured of ever wanting to drive this road; unfortunately, it needs some mothering.  It was more like driving a washboard, than a road, and the scenery, was even worse, with ramshackle places, that have been abandoned over the years.  Fortunately, we missed being stuck in the 10 mile long traffic stop; my three words to you if you are traveling on the Interstate:  follow the truckers. 

This is what we saw for miles and miles---we might still be there, if we hadn't followed the truckers. 
We are in Flagstaff for the night; on to Albuquerque tomorrow. A month ago today, I did this drive in reverse with our son Ryan. The light at the end of this tunnel is seeing our granddaughter Poppy and her parents when we get to NYC.  Then I am off to Italy for 2 months, and Dr. C. will come for October.  I'll be gone from home for 4 months....seems like an eternity, but I will be blogging as time and energy permits, and will share what's going on in each place, for now, enjoy your Sunday.

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