Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Excellent Adventure

Dr. C. and I are in Tulsa visiting my brother and his family.  They wanted us to have the true Tulsa experience, and I'm up for BBQ anytime, so we headed to Burn BBQ.  Up until about 6 months ago, this was a tiny place in another part of town, now it's a huge place, with communal tables and some of the best BBQ you will eat on the planet.  The special side today was creamy cheesy corn with bacon, and as we all know everything tastes better with bacon, and corn is a match made in culinary heaven with bacon!
This is the menu; short and sweet, and the "happy plate" is a mix of almost everything. 
Obviously this one is to share; or maybe not! 

There is some amazing food coming out of this small kitchen, and the ribs were dry rubbed, and appropriately smokey. 

Diners line up and order, then they yell your name when your order is ready--trust me, you are so happy to get these plates, it doesn't matter who you are sitting with.  While waiting in line you might be lucky enough to get a free sample--we got a rib each, and that settled my choice of lunch item. 

There is also a meat market here, and the products looked awesome.  I'm not so sure about the "fatty burger"  but  I have to say anything pork that is wrapped in bacon has to a be a star.
Donald was nice enough to let me take photos.  Thanks D!

Dr. C. far right, my niece Megan and SIL Ann
The chicken
Pulled pork and slaw

Ribs and the cheesy corn and slaw

that is a fatty burger in the forefront---through the fuzziness--not really facile with the cell phone for taking photos

At the end of our meal, after we'd tucked the leftovers into foil and paper bags that they provide, I took a few more photos.  Thanks Burn BBQ for a great Tulsa experience.  You all rock!  I told my sister-in-law that I'd have driven 50 miles out of the way just to do this!

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