Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mantra of Naan

 My stay in Cincinnati was so much fun, since I got to spend an afternoon with a few friends and get to know their city.  One stop was Mantra on the Hill, a beautiful space in the Mt. Adams area, housing Chef Yajan Upadhyaya's fabulous Indian restaurant.  Chef Yajan is a friend of one of the girls I was with, and we crashed the afternoon prep session, with my friend saying I had to see how he made naan, Indian flat bread. 
The tandoor had been fired, and the dough was ready and so were we!
After shaping the dough on a football-like mold

Chef Yajan takes the dough and tosses it on the side of the tandoor---
Once the naan has begun to puff, he turns it, then hangs it over the tandoor to further cook
The result?  Perfectly cooked Naan and happy people in the kitchen. 
Thanks Chef Yajan, you rock!  I've already picked out our table for my next visit! 

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