Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Love...............

I'm an admitted gadget-aholic and love anything that will make my time in the kitchen shorter and more enjoyable.  I hate to wash dishes, and one dish dinners are my specialties, or dinners without a lot of fuss, and dishwashing.

This isn't my kitchen, trust me!!

Yesterday I received the newest slow cooker from Cuisinart which is sold only at Williams Sonoma at present, but may be coming to a retail store near you sometime soon.  I urge you to stand in line and buy one of's awesome.  Instead of an insert that goes onto the stove top to saute, you can saute right in the slow cooker liner, relieving you of the necessity of lifting 5 pounds of beef stew off the stove top to transfer to the slow cooker insert (the liner that heats your slow cooker)  This beauty, stainless steel outside, and a myriad of settings, will slow cook, roast, saute, and steam all in the same piece of equipment. It will even bake rolls----I'm in love!  Seriously!
With this machine the possibilities are endless, and although it's pricey, I've said it before here, you get what you pay for with electrics. Cuisinart is one of those companies that listens to its customers, and they put every bell and whistle possible into this great product.
Enjoy your weekend.

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