Friday, September 24, 2010

The Dirty Dozen

This morning, I had the privilege of speaking to the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at my church.  It was great to see so many young women interested in their children, and building community with eachother---there is nothing better than being in the weeds with a friend, and being able to talk about it. 

I spoke about foods, and nutrition and about buying organic.  I outlined "The Dirty Dozen"---although I know there was a great war movie with that title, I was referring to the dozen fruits and veggies that we should buy as labeled USDA certified organic.  So here goes:

 Grapes, imported (Chile)
Bell peppers

Purchase only fruits and vegetables that are subject to USDA regulations. Produce imported from other countries is not grown under the same regulations as enforced by the USDA. Examples are strawberries and cantaloupes from Mexico.

I also recommend that you buy organic milk, beef, eggs and poultry. Reduce the risk of exposure to the agent believed to cause mad cow disease and minimize exposure to other potential toxins in non-organic feed. These foods contain no hormones, and antibiotics — which have been linked to increased antibacterial resistance in humans — have not been added to the food. They often cost 100 percent more than conventional products.
I'll be back later with a little project for the weekend, until then, enjoy the day. 

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