Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Charlie Trotter,

I'm writing to ask why you would associate your name with airline food; you, who own the temple of cuisine, where reviewers and diners swoon at the mention of your tasting menus, and scores of people will wait months for reservations. Why Charlie, would you put your name on this?

The FIRST CLASS United Airlines menu described it as seared chicken with lentils and cumin scented butternut squash. What I got was rubber chicken, with skin the consistency of a latex glove, only with grill marks. The lentils were brown and weepy, and the butternut squash oozed neon juice that smelled rancid. OK Charlie, I know you had something else in mind, these three things don't even go together, let alone sound good. And have I said how this tasted?? Trust me, you have had better TV dinners, if you ever ate them as a child. I would have been happy with a nice bowl of soup and a salad, rather than this, it was downright awful. The only thing that saved it was the ice cream sundae (which didn't have your name on it) Charlie, I was flying to Rome, don't you think you could have come up with something that reheats well, like Osso Buco, or a beef ragout, or chicken balsamico; no, instead I get some vanity that you have chosen to inflict on customers that are paying upwards of $5,000 a seat to (hopefully) get something decent to eat. Fly the airline that makes your food, I have a feeling you will strip those menus from them, and then run back to the safety of your temple of culinary delights screaming.
Yours sincerely,