Sunday, May 5, 2019

Road Trip

Dr. C. and I left Rome on Thursday to fly to Paris and pick up a Mercedes C class convertible to meet a driving tour with Classic Travelling.   We had done a trip to Kent with them last September, and it was so much fun, this year we decided come to France and tour the Dordogne.  We've had less than great luck with vintage cars, so we decided Hertz would be our provider this time, and they did not disappoint. 
That shifty looking character eyeing the car at the Hennessey cognac center is Dr. C

When we got to Paris, it was cold and rainy.  We were to meet the group when they landed on the ferry from the UK in Brittany, so we drove to Brittany and were met by a cold blustery evening.  The winds were howling when we went to get the luggage out of the car. 
When we woke up the next morning it was rainy, windy and cold, about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you look in the distance you can barely make out Mt. St. Michel

Once on the road from Brittany, we headed south along the coast; the brilliant thing about Classic Travelling is that the routes are mapped out for you, with suggested stops in little towns along the way.  We stopped in the small town of Vitre, and had lunch. 

We decided on salads for lunch but then.........

Profiteroles arrived...this is one portion, but we managed to do it justice!

This is the French version of a cappuccino which was sublime!
  After lunch, we headed south again to our hotel for the night, a beautiful place on the ocean. 
Tomorrow we head for Cognac, a tour of the Hennessey chateau, and then finally staying in the Perigord, one of my favorite places.  I taught here twice at La Combe en Perigord, and loved the small towns, markets and the food which is sensational.  More on that tomorrow, until then Ciao for now.
P.S. Dr. C. and I speak no French whatsoever and it has made us realize that we need to remedy that on this trip.  My bon jour and merci are about all I know.  

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