Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Road Trip: Sicily

On Monday, Dr. C. and I headed to Palermo, Sicily for the first part of our 12 day adventure in food and wine.  I am curating a food and wine tour to see if it is workable for a trip next year with my students.  Upon arrival in Palermo, we were greeted by our travel partner, Matteo from Discover Your Italy, who handed me a tray full of cannoli to share with our other travelers.  There are 7 in our group, including our travel agent Merlene and her husband, my friend and sometime partner in crime in the kitchen Phillis Carey and a writer from New York.
After getting settled in the hotel, we did a bit of a walkabout on our way to dinner.  Palermo is a great walking city, with wide boulevards, and some pedestrian streets.

I'm stunned by the sights and sounds here, as well as the friendly people.  They are welcoming and kind.  Dinner was at what they call a "social" restaurant, where you eat with others at the table.  The chef sent out some amuse bouche for us to try.

L to R:  arancini, chick pea crackers, and orange crackers

risotto with artichoke, peas and fava

lobster bruschetta

Study in pork, rolled pork tenderloin with anchovy, pork belly, and crispy skin

Rabbit ravioli
Gelato and cookies

deconstructed cassata

chocolate souffle

waffle with fruit and cinnamon gelato

Chef's selection of desserts: ricotta turnovers, chocolate cupcakes, and shortbread
After we rolled out of the restaurant we headed back to the hotel, of course, my camera is always out and on, so I caught a few shots along the way.

Once back at the hotel, it was into bed after a long day, with a lot of walking and we were in for another one in the morning, with visits to the markets, and tastings as we make our rounds.  Ciao for now.

Gagini Restaurant
Via Cassari 35

+39 091 589918


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