Monday, May 1, 2017

Ireland, My Favorites

After 2 weeks in Ireland, it seems appropriate talk about my favorite things in Ireland.
The Scenery
Spectacular scenery abounds here, even in the middle of Ireland, with rolling green hills, dotted with sheep and cows, it's green and gorgeous.  

The light
This place is a photographers' dream; the light changes every few minutes, and what might look grey and cloudy one minute, is dappled and sunny the next.  
In the US we tend to think that 200+ years old is OLD, here some of the ruins are thousands of years old, making the history of this place unique and powerful.  
The Food

My grandmother Nora was not a great cook, and so my feelings about Irish cooking were embedded with childhood memories of overcooked meat and vegetables.  Nothing could be farther from the truth in modern-day Ireland; these people can cook!  With organic ingredients, superior meat, poultry and seafood, every meal we had was a revelation, even the fish and chips.  

The People
The Irish are happy to see you; inviting, gracious and aggressively friendly, we were welcomed everywhere, whether it was the toll-taker on the motorways, or the publican, we were made to feel at home in Ireland.  
The Tea
Served in silver pots with little strainers, the tea is extraordinary.  I know the English are famous for their tea, but the Irish serve an amazing cup.  
The Butter
Look at the color of that butter; thick, creamy, soft, spreadable, it was a revelation, and we spread it on anything we could.  
If you are in the US buy some Kerrygold, you will not be sorry.  
This was an amazing trip, finding my Grandmother's house, and staying at the Castle where my Great grandfather worked were extraordinary opportunities.  We are now in Italy for the next 2 months, and looking forward to more adventures here in our beloved Spello.  Ciao for now. 

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