Monday, June 3, 2013

Faces in the Crowd

I love to watch people; and I love expression on faces---I guess writers are observers and we try and imagine the conversations happening, or what that person is thinking about. When I have the chance, I will snap photos if I'm not being too obtrusive.  Here are a few of my favorites from the past 2 months.
In front of the Cathedral in Spello, waiting for the procession to begin.  The uniformed officers are the Carabinieri.
The observer; waiting in the rain for someone while the rest of town participates in L'infiorata.
  Men at work, erecting the structure to protect the flower design.
This sweet nun looks like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders; or else she's just freaked out by the crowds.

Attenzione! Carabieri in the crowd. Always watching.                                     
This woman was attending mass one Sunday and she was dressed up with heels (and cane) making the effort to sing God's praises.

Directing traffic; this woman was directing the workers when they were putting down the design on the street.
The owner of our favorite coffee bar; Il Giardino                                      
                                          One of the tuba players from the band.

                                                  What time's the bus?
Remember that old song, standing on the corner watching all the girls go by?  Love this guy!
Another member of the band--looks like he belongs in Paris                              

What I love about the photo is that she's in Medieval garb, and there are modern cars behind her; if you are in Assisi and there are no cars, it's as if you were back in the middle ages.
 A man and his dog....happy all day long.  
Friar on a cell phone; not sure what St. Francis would have thought about that!

And, finally from the restroom at the Auto Grill (the Howard Johnson's of the Autostrade) you can make your own face! 

Enjoy your week, Dr. C. is here till Saturday the flies home.  I begin school again next Monday and can't wait to see my classmates again, though, if truth be told I am falling behind (don't tell anyone!) 

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