Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Day in Rome and Meeting the Boys at Salon Noi

Friday Dr. C. and I drove to Rome, so that he could fly out yesterday morning.  Our routine is to spend the night at the airport Hilton which is connected to the airport by a walkway, and then get up the next morning to fly out.  I decided it was time for me to get a haircut and some color to cover up all my roots, so I made an appointment at Noi Salon in Rome for Saturday morning after he left.  I left my car in the lot at the Hilton and went into Rome. 
I had gotten a recommendation from a reliable source, and I arrived way early. It was a bit difficult to find, since it's off Piazza del Popolo in an alleyway, but once found, I was at home!
My new friend Rick Breco took one look and said, yes, we need to do something about this!  It was almost 90 degrees yesterday in Rome and Rick cut and colored me, and I felt so much better! What is it about women when we get two hours of personalized attention? 
Rick's story, along with his partner Massimo's is on their website; both from Southern California, and pursued their dream to live and work in Italy with two salons, one in Rome, one in Naples.  I can't wait to go back, it was so much fun, and Rick, thank you for the great haircut and coloring---everyone in Spello (even the guys) noticed and thought I looked younger---that means I'm coming back! 
So, how do you find it?  Ask the driver to take you to Piazza del Popolo. 

Once they get into the taxi stand you will be in front of the Ristorante Rosetti at #5 Piazza del Popolo. 

To the left of the ristorante is a grey door (it may be open depending on the time of day)  Walk through the grey door

and into the alleyway behind it. 
On the far right side, is Salon Noi. 
A great place, and a great morning, thank you all for making my time in Rome so much fun!  This is their beautiful garden area off the Salon where you can sit and enjoy some quiet away from the busyness that is Piazza del Popolo. 
After my bliss at Salon Noi, I headed to Piazza Venezia to get the bus back to the Hilton.  Here's a little bit of the scene as I walked along. 

Violin concerto---of course, it's Rome!
I guess they are everywhere!

The Aldo store was doing a brisk business
In Piazza Venezia I came upon a bride and groom having photos taken, I figured one more couldn't hurt!  Love the uniform.
The getaway car!
Everywhere you look there is something ancient and someone taking a photo!
And, finally in the parking lot at the Hilton when I was leaving, my dream car, a PINK Fiat 500!
Thanks to Rick Breco and all the staff at Noi for making my morning so special, I'll see you in September.

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