Friday, February 22, 2013

The Cracker Barrel Chronicles

Tuesday I left San Diego ahead of the cold an rain, only to arrive in Indianapolis to SNOW!  They call it "snow showers".....lovely!

 It's cold here in Cincinnati, although after 3 days in the 20's it's now about 40.  Last night on my way back to the hotel from the cooking school near Dayton, an ice storm was predicted; fortunately I got back to the hotel just ahead of it.
Having grown up in Boston, on a steady diet of cold, snow and sleet, reliving it isn't my idea of fun, but I love teaching here in the mid-west.  The students are amazing and the independent cooking schools that I teach at are some of the best anywhere.  I'm here in Cincinnati teaching at CooksWares two locations.  Wednesday night we reprised a night in the Dordogne, with a menu that I taught at La Combe en Perigord.  Last night at their Springboro Store we had a paella party, with a paella pan that was big enough to use all four burners on one side of the stove.

Tonight we'll do Bella Italia with Pork Osso Buco and risotto.  We'll make the risotto on the stove top (20 minutes) and in the pressure cooker in 7 minutes.
I'm calling this post the Cracker Barrel Chronicles, because everywhere I go there is a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Famed for their country cooking, the parking lots are packed at all hours of the day and night. This is definitely the mid-west!
I head to West Lafayette, IN this weekend to teach next week and then will meet Dr. C. and Ryan for the IU-Iowa basketball game in Bloomington....check that one off my bucket list.  Just hope the sequester doesn't delay them too much.
I'll be back tomorrow with some more tales from the road, until then, enjoy your day.  

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