Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cincinnati You are So Lucky

I have been coming to Cincinnati for over 17 years, to teach at CooksWares.  Last fall friends took me to Jungle Jim's a Culinary Disneyland in the suburbs of Northern Cincinnati.  I fell in love; this place is as big as an airplane hanger, and filled with EVERYTHING you can imagine. If I lived here, I would be thanking my lucky stars that I was able to shop here.  Instead of my waxing poetically about it, here are some photos from this mornings' shopping trip.

Wine from Umbria

Another wine from Umbria

This is the butter bar, more butter than you can possibly imagine!
The amount, variety and types of butter were mind boggling!
Be still my heart; a wall of blue cheese!
Prices are pretty amazing!
Sharing the goodness of Sumo mandarins with the rest of the country!
Crazy wine holders and lots of housewares          
Nutella without the nuts, British style
Asian food, complete with tuk-tuk
4 aisles of hot sauces
Adult oriented hot sauces  
Traditionally made Balsamico by Pedroni
If you are buying $5 balsamic, it's not balsamic---traditionally aged is $199.99 here
A wall of hummus above the olive bar
Yes, it is Ohio!
more cheese
small area of the wine section
and cigars
I will admit to being lost a few times, but all in all this is a great destination, and if you are in the mid-west, make the trip--it's amazing.  Wish we had one in San Diego.  I'm on the road again tomorrow headed to West Lafayette, IN to teach this week at KitchenArt.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

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